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We Provide technical and marketing support even after product is launched. We remain with you and provide technical and marketing support as long as you need it.

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Why issues can occur after the service is provided ?

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What is technical support in digital marketing?

Digital marketing products like website, seo, audits, five, campaigns are completely virtual and static. They always have to keep up to date. Storage has to be created. Analysis has to be done. These issues arise over time. It is important to address this issue as leads and traffic are directly linked to these services.

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Why you need technical support for your digital product?

Not everything is fairly present in virtual marketing. So I don't understand exactly what is causing the 'income maintenance' of your business. Therefore, special attention should be paid to small things. While managing maintenance support, improvements are made without knowing everything.

technical AND MARKETING SUPPORT Continually supporting you, considerably after your item is propelled!

One Year of Full Backend Support from jussclick digital marketing company.

The marketing company’s technical support characterizes a good digital marketing company. What matters is how much attention they pay to their customers after the service is delivered. jussclick digital marketing company will always be with you because it is also a question of our reputation. Storage of digital products such as websites fills up as time goes on. As their behavior changes, our primary goal is to back up the client. Audit is important.

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The technical support in digital marketing company is as follows:

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Support will be provided free of cost for full 1 year

No matter what the issue, we offer free service for up to 1 year. After that, however, charges will apply.

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We do migrate your site if the issue is big.

Sometimes if the issue is out of proportion then the site has to be migrated to make it even better than before. It will reduce the issue and everything will be the same as before. And we don’t charge migration fees. This is a free service.

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Reporting and monitoring of recent performances

While providing technical support, all the reports will be given to you so that care should be taken to avoid recurrence of this issue.

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Overall inspection of your product and their audit

Websites will also be audited to undo the behavior of the entire site. This audit helps to eliminate all the big and small issues in Shite. This makes the backend work better with the frontend. Digital marketing should be audited once a year.

Marketing Support

After we complete the digital services, we would focus on how the website performs in the market. Our digital marketing team will monitor all aspects of your business, such as seo, social media marketing, site content, website structure, seo audit strategies, ad campaigns. We want to assure you that the investment return will be met as our technical support in digital marketing is good.

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Our Technical Support process

1. Analysis

There should be an analysis of the exact issue of the customer. It is important to study how many problems this issue creates on the frontend or backend.

2. back-end trails

The backend takes care of what steps to take for the issue so that the frontside does not see any movement. we have to consider the user experience.

3. Experience & Expertise

Our experts have a lot of experience so it is easy to overcome. Our Expertise made us the best technical support in digital marketing.

4. Monitoring Analysis

After solving all the issues, it is important to think about how the site can perform in the market. We prepare its report analysis. Marketing strategists think you should use it.

5. precautions Sheet

The precaution sheet is the most important issue in all these processes because we give all the information in that sheet about what needs to be done so that the issue does not come back once it is resolved. So that there is no problem again.

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