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Take advantage of our Result Oriented social media marketing agency ‘jussclick’. Explore your professional approach, Increase your profitability and 5X Your Brand Traffic.

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A brand is no longer what you tell the consumer about what you sell – it is what consumers tell each other it is. Trust us! Social media has a significant impact.

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We think like a publisher and use social media as an idea generator or trend mapper.

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“Influence does not mean Popularity!” The important note of social media is that everything changes as time changes.

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Social media is all about a valuable time given to the consumer to influence to buy your product.

We Are Marketing Professionals

Imagine your social media marketing impact with JussClick.

‘JussClick’ stepped in the world of the internet as a digital marketing company in 2016. We are moving ahead With the objective in mind to raise the standard of social media strategies. Pioneering step in Pune and becoming the number one rank holder in the city, we have started our branches at Pune, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, and Bangalore.

‘JussClick’ takes every effort to reach and provide excellent services to the consumer near their doorstep. In the business world, marketing is the key added to it; digital marketing is the key to success.


Why social media marketing is Important?

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Are Media platforms helpful?

Social media marketing is helpful for Build Awareness and Communicate Authority. It shows
Show Authenticity and increase Encourage Engagement of the audience towards the product. You can update your consumer and Grow their Affordably. Your targeted reach help to Provide Support.

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Improve Your Brand Image with social media marketing

Social media make More Inbound Traffic improve site’s Search Engine Rankings. Many media platforms can influence with proper content, in a result of we can get a higher conversion rate. Social media tends to Better Customer Satisfaction and improve brand loyalty. It is cost-effective

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Stay top of mind

Humanize your brand, which means- Many people can not trust any brand until they see the brand’s social media accounts. Social Media gains brand trust and credibility. You can establish your brand as a thought leader. You can stay top of mind ! because Media is the best platform to exchange thoughts.

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Target, Feed, share thought and Sale !

Social media offers an easy way for valuable or targeted customers to express interest in your products. You can target a particular set of audience and generate leads. You can Boost sales via a sales funnel. Promoting your content on social channels is a great way to get new people. We are providing our expertise for growing your audience.

What makes 'JussClick-Social Media Marketing' unique?

 Our target is to fabricate your product so that it can become more viral for quite a few reasons. Social media strategies. We do this by: 

  • We Set meaningful social media marketing goals and Research your target audience.
  • Establish your most important metrics and measurable results.
  • Analyze your business competition
  • Create an engaging content which makes a difference
  • Communicate goals, challenges and wins with your team
  • We Assess your results and optimize it.
  • Make timeliness a top priority.
  • analyzing the market and Understanding your brand image 
    By targeting your audience
  • Finding the best ROI-focused arrangements that your brand-image needs 

our strategies ensures you get the best returns on your investments. Our capacity to discover this parity has made us the best social media marketing company.

Our Activities / Services

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  1. Create your business profile and page in a professional manner.
  2. Content development which Robust Analytics
  3. Buzz creation with micro-targeting
    Integration pages with other media platforms.
  4. Post updates with links to the desired landing
  5. page for more reach.
  6. Run contests,
  7. Document sharing
  8. Joining groups and pages that allow you to interact.
  9. Sharing links
  10. Creating “like” button and badge, to place it on the website and blogs for more viral.
  11. Promote feed
  12. We run promotional campaigns.
  13. We share Photo sharing via page.
  14. Customized contact form/ registration form
  15. Adding and tagging custom tabs

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  1. We Create your business profile and page
  2. Development better content that create buzz
  3. Integration page with media platforms which Increase engagement
  4. Following key influencers helps to High Conversion Rates
  5. Use hashtags for keywords
  6. Reach Target Market and make free ads
  7. Post natural updates
  8. frequently for lower cps
  9. Influence mentions that increase visibility
  10. Increase followers base constantly and share video, photo
  11. Network and engage the followers

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  1. Twitter Lets You Network With Influential People
  2. We Create your business twitter handle
  3. Use hashtags for keywords and Following key influence’s
  4. Post tweets of content from the site
  5. Twitter Ads Are Ridiculously Targeted
    Network and engage the followers
  6. Twitter Ads Beats Guest Blogging
  7. Tweeting based on trends and Retweet influential tweets
  8. Post natural updates frequently
  9. Twitter Is Worth Your Investment
  10. Influence mentions and Twitter Ads Are Amazingly Cheap
  11. Create a twitter badge and place it on the site and blogs
  12. Increase followers base constantly

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  • Reach a More Professional Audience
  • We Create your business page and profile
  • Join Groups and Add connections
  • Narrow Your Targeting Through Industry-Specific Variables
  • Targeting and networking with the influencers
  • Starting Discussions in groups
  • Increase Your Conversion Rates
  • Integrating profile with other media channels
  • Active participation in relevant Q&A’s
  • Publish Press release and Create polls
  • Launch and promote events
  • Share presentation and Submit feeds
  • Integrate blogs to the profile and Share likes
  • Leverage Lead-Nurturing Possibilities

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  • We do create your boards
    Content Development and Buzz creation
  • Add pins
  • Sync infographics
  • Integration profile with other social media
  • Follow influencers
  • Influence repines
  • Photo sharing with links
    Follow relevant boards

Why Choose us As your social media partner ?


Analysis & Specialization

JussClick’ has specialized in delivering various services, including web development, SEM, SEO, G&L, VM, etc. We have the expertise for a particular service. Members in each group of different services put them every effort to deliver their masterwork. Every tool, every design, every service has its importance to make your business successful.


Stratorgy and Output

For each step to be a masterpiece, you required dedication,’JussClick’ has a team of experts who have masted themselves in particular service to provide you well. Each group leader of our agency has a minimum of 5 years of experience in their specialized field.


Result Oriented Output, Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We Make your product content strong enough so that a customer will not hesitate to trust on brand, is one of the promising factor
  • This is the age of content in the form of video, images, infographics. The quality of your content determines the quantity that gains your brand.
  • Our experts have robust strategies that will build leads to your business from their knowledgeable stuff.

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