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“What Is SEO Audit?”

“Why It is Imp For Site On Regular Basis?”

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Search for issues and ranking opportunities by thorough evolution of the website to rank on search engines. An audit list is created to fix all the problems and boost the rankings.The purpose of the SEO audit is to acknowledge as many foundational issues influencing organic search performance.

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The website shows the face of your brand online, so it is essential to see if the site is performing in the right order. Since shite is a digital property, it is typically not stagnant for long periods.We recommend that a SEO audit be conducted once a year.

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Competitive Website Audit

You have to find an opportunity from your competitor that what your competitor is doing or trying to increase their ranking by making a list of all the opportunities they have and trying to get them. The link opportunity, on-page, has to be studied.

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Local SEO audit

If you want accurate and actionable data in a specific area, local SEO will be beneficial because it contains local listings, local citations, on-site & off-site local activities, local search rankings, and reviews. Local SEO audit yields a report enumerating issues identified with key regions.

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Technical SEO Audit

This SEO audit helps to identify technical issues to the backend of the site. If the crawler does not understand your content’s purpose, then the website can’t rank. Technical problems are very critical, so they need to be resolved soon.

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SEO Link Audit

link SEO audit is reviewing issues identified with inbound connections, awful links or broken connections in your site. Google checks your relevance with other website depending on what kind of links they create with you.Link audits look for useful link opportunities by reporting competitor backlinks.

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What to Expect During Audit

Looking for low hanging options while doing ” SEO audit “. An SEO audit can take time from 2 to 3 weeks. During this time our SEO specialist is uncovering SEO opportunities off your website.

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What to Expect After Audit

After the audit has been completed, we will invite you for a presentation in which our SEO specialist will talk through overall findings and recommendations. We will report you on the daily basis throughout the journey.

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Updation Is Important

An audit is an update.The overall organic traffic of your business depends on the SEO, so it is essential to keep your site up to date as the search engine changes the algorithm every year. So the rankings are bound to be affected.


Content SEO Audit

In a content SEO audit, “Is the written article old? Does it need an update? How are the top-ranked pages performing?” Is studied. Special attention is paid to HTML tags, keyword placements, article density, image optimization, on-page statistics.

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Our experts analyze over 180 different SEO elements across the following categories:

  • Keyword Use
  • Page Titles
  • Page Copy Theme Analysis
  • Site Content Structure
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Schema
  • User Experience
  • Heading Tags
  • Images & Video
  • Internal Linking & HTML Sitemap

On-Page SEO Audit

  • Status Codes
  • Page Speed
  • URL Structure
  • Robots.txt
  • Canonical Tags
  • Redirects
  • Indexation analysis
  • Duplication
  • Legacy Domain Issues
  • Mobile SEO analysis
  • Off-page Analysis
  • International SEO analysis
  • Crawlability
  • XML sitemap

Technical Audit

  • User Agent Analysis
  • Crawl Budget Analysis

Server Log Audit
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On-page SEO is an integral part, so it has much more impact on ranking. We will focus exclusively on overall on-page seo

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technical audit is integral part of seo for improving your seo ranking.

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Off-page SEO is a completely technical thing. The ranking depends on the type of website link provided to your website.

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Since technical SEO is a one-time thing to do, this is the backbone of the website. We will work on Crawlability and Indexability

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Local SEO is fully applicable to local customers. It is important to research everything. If the data is not complete enough, the client conversion does not take


Analysis & strong Site

  • Successful SEO analysis is all about building a company’s online presence.
  • The first step is to determine how your website is currently performing. If a site has a technical error, it won’t rank. A strong site performs well only when it is technically strong.
  • We will fix all the errors in your site. We will do this via looking for keywords that are related with your business and discovering how your site stacks up facing your opposition.

Planning & Implementation

  • When we have reviewed your site, we will run a severe analysis to compare your substance and other SEO factors against those of your competitors.
  • This will assist us with an accompanying plan for deliverable things that we would then be able to present to you and implement on your site to improve your ranking position and drive more visitors to your website.

Result Oriented Output, Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • When it comes to your brand, Search engine optimization plays a vital role. At the point when you select the correct agency, your business expands gradually.
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  • We trigger your Digital heritage. We compose and produce beautiful digital products that make a difference.
  • We are a group of enthusiastic developers, who trained in advertisement, design.
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