Orthodox market < Digital Market

In 21st century with changing era one should come out of the box and take the advantage of digital marketing.
Digital marketing becomes the Bread n Butter of business.

It’s All About a Marketing

Why issues can occur after the service is provided ?

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Which thing common in both?

Every business has different moto and different purpose for society or for a particular community. But the one thing which is common between every business is MARKETING Marketing is that factor of business which makes things easier for businessperson.

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what exactly the the Traditional Marketing means ?

Traditional marketing is nothing but the conventional process being followed by the businesspersons... Which includes mostly.. For example marketing through distribution of pamphlets, big posters roadside, through newspapers, etc

" It is Not Change in era , Change in Tenancy "

One can easily attract their client through marketing…for example when a customer in needs get to know about your business, your offers through a marketing pamphlets and posters it becomes two way beneficial process.
But, in today’s scenario the conventional method of marketing has less importance…
Whenever a person sees a piece of paper it’s a tendency of the generation to ignore it.

Conventional marketing has undergone recession…
Why and how does this happen…?
Simple answer to this question is… Change in the Era -The INTERNET. In past 2 decades internet has overcome everything it becomes the part n parcel of human being.

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Imp points about Orthodox marketing style

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Google Serves best

Today a person in need will go directly towards internet to get the best….in this contest INTERNET MARKETING has overcome the conventional or so called Orthodox marketing.

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Two powerful advantages of new marketing method.

Internet or digital marketing has much more advantages than the Orthodox marketing methods…
First and the most important being..digital marketing “Reduces Cost”
Second it is reachable to every individual.

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conventional marketing is not good at analyzing

In conventional marketing on can never analyse their marketing strategy…where in digital marketing has the magic to analyse it and also giving good results.

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You can target your specific audience

Digital marketing has a power to reach every corner and provide you appropriate customers.
A wise businessperson will always moves with time and this is the era of digital marketing.

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Difference makes difference!

Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing.
1. Cost effective 1 High cost
2. Boundless 2 . Limited reach
3. Customer come to u 3 . You have to
Go after customer
4.Analysis can be done 4 You can not analyse
5 Attractive 5 less attractive
6 less tiering 6 more tiering.

In 21st century with changing era one should come out of the box and take the advantage of digital marketing.
Digital marketing becomes the Bread n Butter of business.

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